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Fuck I’m almost 25

If you’re slightly freaked out that you are 25 or are turning 25, read this article ^.

“If you are 25 or turning 25: TV can be really important to you.” Love this little slice. I was more excited about the Season Two premier of GIRLS than quitting my toxic ex job. This probably also has to do with the fact that GIRLS makes me feel better about my sometimes irresponsible, bat shit crazy, life decisions. The best part of the show and Lena’s raw/cool creative genius is that it reminds me how much I like where I am. This weird in-between. Confusing and heartbreaking and exciting and so so so happy. Even when I feel freaked out about getting old, these days are my best.


x. hogan

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the dish

i couldn’t part ways for the evening without posting a few fashion porn photos. there’s nothing like best friends, extremely handsome boys, great clothes… and gossip girl. sweet dreams. xoxo.


Gossip Girl returns tonight on the CW and where might you ask is the location of the new two-part episode? Paris. Handsome beaus, mischievous mademoiselles, fall fashion and as always… gossip galore. My interest at the moment? Definitely the ever-changing romance between Chuck and Blair. Don’t miss this season’s premiere tonight at 9/8c.